Quality printing

according to your requirements

We at the Rheinisch-Bergische Druckerei print with one of the most modern and eco-friendly web offset technology: the waterless coldset compact press “Cortina”.

This waterless printing process is far superior compared to the traditional web offset printing. At the latter mentioned special papers and larger screen rulings are not representable. One reason therefore, among other things, when printing with water you only achieve a line screen up to 60 lines/cm. This is visible in newspaper typical “grainy” impression of pictures. In addition, you can only use newsprint paper or improved newsprint paper.

Quite different is the waterless coldset technology. Here you will achieve an exciting approach to the sheet-fed offset quality. By waterless printing significantly higher screen rulings can be implemented - for example, up to 70 lines/cm. The fine screening convinces by a uniform colour gradient, smooth skin tones and an excellent detail reproduction. For the printing of high resolution image details large screen rulings are the best choice, because significantly more details can be expressed in the print process.

The special colours, which are used in waterless web offset print, give images and advertisements a fine, brilliant expression. Line drawings, graphics and fonts are sharp due to the elimination of water - even the smallest typography is clear and distinct. So there is nothing left to read between the lines.