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RHeinisch-Bergische Druckerei


Modern technologies in traditional and waterless offset printing with screen rulings from 60s up to 70s screen and a lot of finishing possibilities enable us to realise a wide range of different product types, you would never have expected in quantity and quality from a newspaper printing plant. Pocket-paper, magazines and the special XXL ad format “Superpanorama” are just some examples which we can offer in addition to the newspaper production.

Our competences

Newspapers, inserts, leaflets, brochures and much more in six different formats, on nine different types of paper and in large volumes up to 64 pages and beyond. We are capable of producing from 10.000 copies up to six-figure numbers on request, in convincing qualities and excellent prices.

Our Cortina

40.000 revolutions per hour: in such a speed rotates each impression cylinder of the Cortina – the flag ship of the printing machine fleet of waterless offset print. Round about 29 m long, nearly 10 m wide and as high as a four-storey building – the Cortina with its four printing towers weights 570 tonnes. Enough quantity and quality to produce at full load, on 32 printing couples, up to 80.000 copies per hour in straight production. With a capacity of 64 full colour broadsheet resp. 128 tabloid pages and – of course - including finishing with folding and stitching, etc.

All this with an impressive eco-balance. Compared to a similar traditional web offset printing machine the Cortina saves more than 730.000 liter of water per year and avoid round about 1.400 tonnes of CO2 emissions. And it saves a lot of paper. During proof-printing with conventional machines you quickly “waste” several hundreds of copies. The Cortina produces at full power with highest quality already after some few proofs. It’s good for the environment and good for the natural resources.

Many other advantages of the waterless Cortina printing technology will inspire especially the experts. They will let melt terms like "automatic plate changer", "ergonomics by compact design" or "keyless inking unit" on their expert tongue. Also avoiding ink mists at a maximum rotational speed or the gearless and oil-free printing unit will attract the attention of specialists.


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Overview of our products

  • Pocket-Paper
  • Magazine
  • Zeitungen
  • Superpanorama
  • Poster
  • MultiView