We give your advertising freedom

It is something special when your advertising message can be unfolded to a height of 510 mm and an XL-width of 1.050 mm or an XXL-width of 1.400 mm. On a seamless surface of three or four pages in the Rhenish format and a product range of six or eight pages your advertising message has wide scope for creative design and gets an unbeatable reminder value. 


Did you become curious?

Please have a look at our data sheets and print templates. Here you find the basic formats for your Superpanorama and all important templates.

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Ansprechpartner für die ideale Lösung rund um Ihr Druckprojekt ist unsere Schwester, die Rheinische DruckMedien GmbH. Das Team steht Ihnen unter folgenden Kontaktdaten zur Verfügung:

Tel.: 0211 505-1714