When „the postman always rings twice“ in the envelope is not necessarily a DIN-format. Imagine, you get a “save the date” in 1.400 x 510 mm format or you send your new fashion flyer in a maxi format not in a mini format only.

The poster corresponds to a format of four newspaper pages when opened. In contrast to the “Superpanorama” the poster pages are cut and your image appears in a “poster look” with no print free area. This shows, that web offset has not only a one dimensional vie, web offset offers many new perspectives. It’s more about the idea, which – once developed – inspires people.


Did you become curious?

Have a look at our data sheets and print templates. Here you will find the basic formats for your poster and all important templates.


Ihr Ansprechpartner

Ansprechpartner für die ideale Lösung rund um Ihr Druckprojekt ist unsere Schwester, die Rheinische DruckMedien GmbH. Das Team steht Ihnen unter folgenden Kontaktdaten zur Verfügung:

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