The larger the playground the better it is for design and message. Actual, stories are rather told with opulent images and cool headlines instead of shrinking information into a DIN-long-format.

Our new pocket-paper formats are visually and economically the ultimate alternative to conventional flyers and extend digital variations into valuable print.

Booklets have always existed. New are the opportunities of the pocket-paper production in newspaper printing.

We offer a wide range of different formats from DIN-long-format with 220 x 105 mm up to 220 x 150 mm. Small and handy with a lot of news, information and advertising messages. You can distribute it in your shop or use it as a program at all kinds of events. Let yourself be inspired.



Ihr Ansprechpartner

Ansprechpartner für die ideale Lösung rund um Ihr Druckprojekt ist unsere Schwester, die Rheinische DruckMedien GmbH. Das Team steht Ihnen unter folgenden Kontaktdaten zur Verfügung:

Tel.: 0211 505-1714
Mail: team@rheinischedruckmedien.de