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You are looking for digital marketing opportunities for your products? We are happy to assist you with our know-how in the field of digital media channels. Starting with the provision of your print publication as an e-paper – available via PC-browser, smartphones and tablet-PC - up to online marketing campaigns and app development.

With our partner Schaffrath DigitalMedien we analyse needs and expectations of the digital market and develop a coherent online marketing concept in cooperation with the customer.

Since its foundation in 1995 content management systems (CMS) based on TYPO3 as well as shop- and e-mail marketing solutions are the essential developments of the company. Schaffrath DigitalMedien stands for the development of innovative solutions of excellent quality for the professional, targeted implementation of customer requirements.

Multi modern media – more than just paper!

With e-paper solution by Schaffrath DigitalMedien publications can be presented on the internet as an interactive “sheet-edition” with additional content and features. Video, image galleries, podcasts and direct links offer real added value to the reader compared to the printed product. The final PDF file from the prepress is sufficient and we can start with the creation. In addition to the traditional web browsers for PC and Mac this whole issue is available online by iPhone and iPad.

App development for Smartphones and Tablet-PC

The mobile internet becomes more and more important. The presentation of publications on mobile end-devices indicates a high degree of innovation. We support you with design, development and marketing of an app. Here we use technologies that are designed for a variety of end-devices. One example in the tablet-app-development is the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Schaffrath NeueMedien is an Adobe Solution partner and has taken on a pioneering role in this field and developed the 1st German magazine app. The link to the iPad app “hiking” can be found in the right column.

Mobile Tagging – linking print products with online content

For our technology used in Mobile Tagging (also known as mobile barcodes) we need no watermark, visible QR-codes or similar techniques. Even after editorial deadline it can be linked with completed PDF’s. In addition, the publisher has the possibility to send further information to the users by push messages on their smartphone. By photographing an article or entire pages of a printed publication, further information from the internet can be shown on the smartphone. Printed content is becoming interactive and the feedback of the users to printed ads is measurable. The basis for this is an image database, where images with the according information can be linked with any requested content.

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