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Our flyer is now available for downloading!

[RBD] engl. Allgemein (Text-News)


Now available at the RBD: the large-scale format for your advertisement.

We give space to your advertisement

It is someting special when your advertising message can be unfolded to a height of 510 mm and a width of 1050 mm or a XXL-width of 1400 mm. At a continuous surface of 3 or 4 pages in the Rheinisch format and a size of 6 or 8 pages, your advertising message not only gets space for creative design, but also gets a high reminder value.

Weitere Meldungen

Hier finden Sie weitere interessante Meldungen.

Crucial for the move to a newspaper printing plant was our requirement to underline our professional journalistic quality with a newspaper-like print.

Dr. Dieter Hilla, Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Employee Communications/direkt/BNC