Ninth Point

for the stored papers of the RBD

[RBD] engl. Allgemein (Text-News)



As of late our range of stored papers includes a new paper: 80 g/m² with a degree of withness of 81C.

We provide standard and improved newsprint as well as slightly matte coated paper, available in grammages from 45 g/m2 up to 80 g/m2. Among our 8 types of stored paper we can now offer a new paper type: 80 g/m2, whiteness 81C. With this new paper we enlarge our range up to 9 paper types. Paper is your “fifth printing ink” – benefit from our experience and allow us to advise you to find out the most appropriate paper quality to meet your communication objectives.

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Crucial for the move to a newspaper printing plant was our requirement to underline our professional journalistic quality with a newspaper-like print.

Dr. Dieter Hilla, Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Employee Communications/direkt/BNC