Bound-inserts and glued-inserts

for periodicals and magazines

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The RBD presents its proficiency and shows that it is able to produce bound-inserts and glued-inserts for fashion magazines.

The high-quality paper in combination with the waterless print technology of KBA Cortina, the special print colours of the Cortina, produced in 70s screen - all this at an affordable web offset-price - were the decisive reasons for Graphic Network and DANA TWIN, to print and process their product "Mexx" at the Rheinisch-Bergische Druckerei GmbH, said Frans Manders.

Whether glued-inserts for InStyle or Brigitte or a supplement for Gala, the printing plant was able to produce this order with a circulation of several million copies in highest quality by an industrial print and processing procedure. Manders was amazed that this is possible in a newspaper printing company and praised the professional production preparation and implementation as well as the quality of councelling and problem solving.

The paper with 80g/m², a whiteness of 91% and a volume of 1,2 cm³/g is something special and even in waterless printing, without drying, it keeps its noble effect.
The special Cortina colours provide your images with brilliance, unfolding its effect on a smooth, slightly matte paper.

But not only in our print area we had changes. With new gripper-adapter and modern stitching and trimming technology also our mailroom has its focus on the processing of high quality products, thus guaranteeing a perfect delivery, Christoph Wacker, Managing Director Mailroom, explained.

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Crucial for the move to a newspaper printing plant was our requirement to underline our professional journalistic quality with a newspaper-like print.

Dr. Dieter Hilla, Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Employee Communications/direkt/BNC