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Look And Feel - die Werkschau der Rheinisch-Bergischen Druckerei

Es ist soweit - die Werkschau, das besondere Imagebooklet der RBD, ist fertig.

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Coupons - das sind Rabattaktionen, die den Absatz von Produkten beflügeln oder...

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Ninth Point for the stored papers of the RBD

As of late our range of stored papers includes a new paper: 80 g/m² with a...

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ProcessStandard Offsetprint

RBD Düsseldorf was re-certified to ISO 12647 ProcessStandard Offsetprint.

Neue Schwester der Rheinisch-Bergische Druckerei GmbH – Zum 1.1.2019 startete...
Rheinische Post Mediengruppe mit ÖKOPROFIT®-Siegel ausgezeichnet – Mit...

Trend + Opinions

Matthias Tietz, CEO RBD

Printing plant for everyone

Beside technical sophistications and new advanced options in quality and variety of formats for the Cortina print the RBD faced the media change and expand from a pure newspaper printing plant to a printing plant for everyone during the last five years.

Crucial for the move to a newspaper printing plant was our requirement to underline our professional journalistic quality with a newspaper-like print.

Dr. Dieter Hilla, Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Employee Communications/direkt/BNC

Data delivery

Here you find all necessary information and files for your data delivery.


Did you
know this?


Cortina printing plants actually exist in Germany. Waterless newspaper print inspires.


square meter varnish we use to finish our products would cover 30 football fields.

90 tons

of paper are processed on average in one day at the Rheinisch-Bergische Druckerei.

The new pocket-paper with 16 pages offers


more space for your advertising compared to a traditional DIN-long flyer.

120 bar

are necessary to pump ink out of huge tanks into the print machine.